Fishes of Guilan, By Abbasi Ranjbar K. 2017. 206 p. Iliya Culture Publication, Rasht, ISBN: 978-964-190-517-2.

Ali Reza Radkhah, Soheil Eagderi, Hadi Poorbagher


The Caspian Sea basin is one of the most important inland water basin of Iran having the most diverse inland water fishes. The present study aimed to review the book entitled "Fish of Guilan'' by Keyvan Abbasi Ranjbar published in 2017. This book provides general and biological information of the reported fishes in Guilan Province that can be used as a reference and identification key by fishermen and researchers who are involved in aquaculture, fisheries and biology.


Caspian Sea, Diversity, Guilan, Inland waters.

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