A new record of Potamanthellus caenoides Ulmer, 1939 (Ephemeroptera: Neoephemereidae) from the Chalakudi River, Southern Western Ghats of India

Ollappilly Abdulkadher Banazair, Guna Christopher


As part of an ongoing study on the benthic macro-invertebrates of Chalakudi River basin, of the Southern Western Ghats of India, we establish a new record of a mayfly larva (Potamanthellus caenoides). Larva of Potamanthellus caenoides Ulmer, 1939 is recorded for the first time from the upstream of Chalakudy River. The specific location, sample and brief ecological notes are appended.



Ephemeroptera, New record, Chalakudy River, Southern Western Ghats.

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