Length-weight relationships of Garra rufa, in the Tigris and Persian Gulf basins of Iran

Iraj Hashemzadeh, Seyedeh Narjes Tabatabaei, Aghil Mansouri, Asghar Abdoli, Mahdi Ghalenoei, Kiavash Golzarianpour


Garra rufa, a bottom dwelling freshwater fish and native to the Middle East, is distributed in the southwestern of Iran and the Tigris basin. Considering the importance of length-weight relationships data of a species in different habitats, the length-weight relationship of G. rufa from 13 rivers in the Persian Gulf and the Tigris basins was explored. The value of exponent b ranged from 2.74 to 3.19 with average of 2.99 in the Tigris basin and 2.96 in the Persian Gulf basin which was in normal range (2.5-3.5). As the length-weight parameters were concluded for each location separately, this information would be useful for further population dynamics researches.


Tigris basin, Persian Gulf basin, Length-weight relationship, Morphometrics.

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