Fluoxetine alters reproductive performance of female fighting fish, Betta splendens

Mohammad Navid Forsatkar, Tahmine Latifi, Soheil Eagderi


This study was aimed to investigate the effects of waterborne fluoxetine on the reproduction performance of female fighting fish (Betta splendens). For this purpose, mature, ready for spawning females were exposed to concentrations of 0, 0.54 and 54.0 µg/l fluoxetine for 7 days. Then they were introduced into the spawning tank containing pre-acclimated male and reproductive consequences including number of copulations per spawning, number of eggs per copulation, duration of spawning, fecundity and hatching rate were assessed. Fluoxetine concentration of 54.0 µg/l, was significantly affected on the number of produced eggs per copulation, fecundity and hatching rate. In addition, the mean number of copulations per spawning was not different between treatments but significantly different for the spawning duration between control and 54.0 µg/l treatments. The results suggest that fluoxetine can impacts on reproductive performance of female fighting fish at concentrations greater than those found in the aquatic environments.


Fighting fish, Fluoxetine, Egg quality, Reproduction.

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