A new record of the dwarf snakehead, Channa ornatipinnis Britz 2007 (Perciformes: Channidae) from India

Sivaramapillai Muthukumar, Muthukumarasamy Arunachalam, Uthandakalaipandiyan Ramesh, Murugiah Umamaheswari, Alagappan Vanarajan


The snakehead of the family are represented 33 species from Asia of which two species Channa ornatipinnis and C. pulchra were recently described from Myanmar. The recent record of C. ornatipinnis from Tuivawl river, Tuivawl village in Champhai district, Mizoram, India is of  ichthyological interest


Channa ornatipinnis, new record, Tuivawl, India.

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